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Cookies are text files which the web browser stores on the user’s device. Cookies contain data about the user’s behavior on the website. When the user later returns to the website, the browser sends back the cookies that belong to the website. With the help of these cookies, the website recognizes the user and is able to utilize the data collected during the previous sessions. This data includes, for example, the name, the email address, the home or work address, and the phone number of the user. The website only has access to the data which the user has provided. The website cannot, for example, infer the user’s email address if the user has not provided the address. The website cannot access any other data on the user’s device.

Downtown utilizes its own and third party cookies for the following purposes:

  • Identifying the user when they visit the website. The cookies are valid for 90 days after the most recent visit.

  • Saving the chosen language in the cookie, so that the user is automatically directed to the right page.

  • Collecting analytics and user data through Google Analytics.

  • Targeting content through the Meta Pixel.

Google cookies

Downtown’s website uses a third-party service, Google Analytics, provided by Google Inc., to analyze and generate statistics of the usage of the website.

Google Analytics uses cookies to collect data about the website’s visitors, so that the functionalities of the website can be analyzed and improved. This data includes, for example, how the user has found the website and their behavior on the website.

Google Analytics can also provide this data to third parties. However, Google only stores non-identifiable data, and it does not link the collected data to individuals.

You can prevent the processing of Google Analytics cookie data by Google through this link:

Google’s privacy policy can be accessed here:

Meta cookies

Downtown’s website uses the Meta Pixel, through which advertising can be measured and targeted to custom audiences in order to make sure that the ads are seen by the right audiences.

In addition, the Meta Pixel can also be used to measure the impact of Facebook ads, and this data can be utilized in statistics and marketing research. The collected data remains anonymous, and we cannot access the personal data of an individual user.

However, Meta stores and processes the collected data and is able to link them to the user’s Facebook account as well as use the data for their own marketing purposes in accordance with Meta’s own privacy policy.

You can prevent the use of your data in custom audiences through this link:

Meta’s privacy policy can be accessed here:

Disabling cookies

In most browsers, cookies can be blocked. Find instructions on how to disable cookies in various browsers below.

  • Internet Explorer: click Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Advanced > Block all cookies

  • Firefox: click the icon with three stripes > Options > Privacy and Security

  • Safari: click Preferences > Privacy

  • Google Chrome: click the icon with three dots > Settings > Advanced > Privacy and security

Blocking cookies may impair the user experience on some websites.

More information: If you want more information on Downtown’s cookie policy or the data we store, contact us through email:


In this privacy policy, we explain what kind of data we collect, how we use and protect it, and how you can influence how we process your personal data.

Latest version: 28.2.2022

Valid from: 31.10.2019


The data controller of the customer register of Downtown restaurant is the Finnish hospitality business corporation NoHo Partners Oyj (business ID: 1952494-7). The data collected in the register is comprised of the contact information provided by the customer themselves as well as automatically collected usage data. The processing of the data is based on customer relationships. The data is used to provide and improve services, to maintain customer relationships, as well as for advertising and marketing. The data is not disclosed to third parties outside the NoHo Partners corporation, with the exception of service providers, and the data is only processed in Finland.


We may collect data about you when you sign up for our services, use our website or mobile application, visit our restaurants or otherwise contact us. The data we collect can be divided into two categories based on its source: (a) data you provide, and (b) data we collect automatically. We may combine the data you provide with the data we collect automatically.

Data you provide
We may collect personal data you provide us, such as your first and last name, phone number, gender, birth date, home address, postal code, city, email address and the type of rewards card you use. We may also collect other kinds of data you provide. If you use our mobile application, we can store the password you use to login to use our services. In addition, we record whether you have given consent to direct marketing through digital devices or if you have prohibited direct marketing.

Automatically collected data
We may use various methods to automatically collect data from your device when you use our website or mobile application. These automatic methods may include cookies, trackers, and other technologies. The automatically collected data may include your IP address, your general location, the operating system of your device, your browser, the type of your mobile device, and your settings and actions related to the use of our services, such as the pages you visit on our website or mobile application. The majority of the automatically collected data on how you use our website and mobile application is only stored temporarily. You can also prevent the automatic collection of cookie data in your browser’s settings. However, please note that cookies may be necessary for some services to function properly. You can also influence automatic data collection in your mobile device by modifying the privileges given to our mobile application.


Providing and improving services
We may use your data to provide you services, perks, and communications regarding your account. We can also use your data to provide you targeted advertising and marketing of restaurant services. In addition, we may use the data to improve our services.

Using location data
Our website or mobile application may ask to access your location data in order to display local restaurants and perks. You can also input your location yourself. We only use your location data for the aforementioned purposes and will not disclose your data to third parties. The location data is only stored temporarily and it does not include detailed location data. You can prevent the collection of location data in your device’s settings.

Basis for processing personal data
The primary basis for processing personal data is the customer relationship between the company that belongs to the NoHo Partners corporation and you (legitimate relationship), and our legitimate interest in taking care of the customer relationship and in conducting targeting advertising. We can also process your data on the basis of your consent.


We do not sell your personal data and only disclose your data in accordance with this privacy policy. Applicable laws are abided by in disclosing the data. Your personal information is not transferred outside the EU or the ETA.

We may disclose your personal data within the NoHo Partners corporation to persons responsible for customer relationships, sales, or marketing. We may disclose your personal data to service providers that provide us such services as data processing and other IT services, campaign, contest and raffle services, as well as polling and marketing research services, in order to acquire loyalty cards. We do not allow these service providers to use or disclose your personal data for any other purpose than to provide services for us.

In the event that we decide to completely or partially sell or transfer our business for strategic or other business purposes, we may as part of such a sale or transfer disclose the data we have collected and stored, including customer data that includes your personal data, to anyone who takes part in the sale or transfer of the business.

In addition, we may disclose your personal data in case we deem it necessary due to an applicable law, statute, or request by an official.


We store your data in a digital register, and have taken appropriate precautions to ensure the safety of your data. A username and a password as well as a secure connection are required to use the register or to modify or process the data. Only persons whose responsibility it is to maintain and administer the system and customer relationships are allowed to use the register. The data in the register has been protected from outside use, and the use of the register is monitored.


We only store the personal data we have collected about you for as long as the data can be considered necessary for the purposes outlined in this privacy policy, unless longer-term storage of the data is required or permitted by the law. We erase your data from the register after your customership ends.


We may update this privacy policy from time to time. If the changes are significant, we will inform you about them on our website or by other means, for example by email. We hope you read this privacy policy regularly, so that you will stay up to date on our policies.


You have the right to review your data, and the right to demand the rectification, erasure or completion of inaccurate data. You have the right to exercise other legal rights outlined in Data Protection Act, such as your right to restrict the processing of your data and the right to object to the processing of your data, as well as the right to transfer your data from one system to another. However, please note that disclosing, storing, and processing data may in certain circumstances be a precondition for using a service.

You also have the right to deny the use of your data in direct advertising, distance sales or other direct marketing by requesting the erasure of your customership. If you have given us permission to send you marketing communications, you can later unsubscribe from them by following the instructions included in our messaging.


If you have questions about our privacy policy or you want to exercise your rights outlined in Data Protection Act, please contact us primarily by email or letter:


NoHo Partners Oyj
Hatanpään valtatie 1 B
FI-33100 Tampere